Class XII (2014-2015)

4. Sai Won Latt

Sponsor Club: The Rotary Club of Medina Sunrise Ohio, District 6630

Host Club: Brisbane Centenary Rotary Club, Mt Ommaney, District 4067

Sai was born in Eastern Shan State, Myanmar and has experienced the effect of war since he was small. He was left to stay with his grandparents when he was around 3 years old when his father who is a soldier went to frontline  has gone missing and while his mother left to work in Thailand to earn for family living. After his high school he worked in construction sites to earn for his further study and partially volunteered as a teacher, teaching Shan Language to children. Later in 2011, he was selected to attend Basic English and Computer training in Thailand. Afterward, he joint with local NGOs and work on different issues while seeking for opportunity for further study as he believed that he will be able to devote more for the communities if he has experience and knowledge. He got a scholarship on 2006 and studied BA in Art of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Rangsit University in Thailand. Upon his graduation, he worked with Youth Empowerment Program and provided empowerment trainings to young people around Myanmar while partially volunteered as a Regional Strategic Team for Me kong Peace Journey: a peace program for youth in Mekong Region. Later in 2013, he worked as a peace project manager and deeply involved in peace issues especially providing peace knowledge, proposing peace initiatives and peace related activities. In 2014, he started his MA degree as a Rotary Peace Fellow Program in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Queensland and during his internship; he worked with Peace and Human Rights Institute of Mahidol University in Thailand which actively engaged in dialogue for reconciling different faiths’ groups in Southern Thailand. Currently he is recommencing his study in UQ with the expectation of gaining more knowledge to combine with the experience gained from field work to apply in peace process in his country in the near future.