1. Deisy Cruz Herrera (Johanna)

Johanna is a native of Bogota, Colombia, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She pursued postgraduate studies in Feminist and Gender Studies as well as Public Policies and Gender Justice. With over fourteen years of experience in peacebuilding and development initiatives, Johanna has worked with the Colombian government, non-governmental organizations, and women's rights advocacy.

She is passionate about women's human rights, peace, and security; she served as a professor in transitional justice and has worked with UN Women in Colombia on projects related to peacebuilding, transitional justice, reintegration, and youth engagement in peace.

While volunteering at the Americas and the Caribbean Regional Office of UN Women, she supported country offices, governments, and agencies in designing, implementing, and monitoring peacebuilding and humanitarian action projects.
In Venezuela, Johanna coordinated the programs, projects, and activities of UN Women, providing specialized technical support in gender equality and women's empowerment.

Johanna is deeply committed to professional growth, innovation, and knowledge enhancement. As part of this commitment, she has joined the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies program at the University of Queensland, Australia.