Sponsor Club: Comstock Park Rotary Club, Michigan, USA, District 6290 

Host Club: Brisbane Inner West Rotary Club, Brisbane, AUS, District 9600 

Jenica Marie hails from District 6290, representing clubs from northwest Michigan and Canada. As an Ambassadorial Scholar to Jordan in 2007, she worked with children at the Madaba Youth Center. While there, she created a youth program on economic development and sustainability. 

Since then, she has worked to create social justice organizations on Western Michi-gan University’s campus for undergraduate and graduate students, providing participants with educational, leadership, and internship opportunities. Jenica is most interested in studying conflict and security in the Middle East. Particularly, she is interested in aspects of ethnic conflict such as determining the predictability of violent outbreaks, measuring the influence of groups during times of tensions, and assessing the international implications of seemingly localized violence. 

She is also eager to explore the insights of conflict prevention that game theory may offer. Political economy is also an important aspect of her studies. 

Dancing, sports, and musical theater are among her favorite activities. She is thankful for the support that her district has given her over the years, and has very much enjoyed her studies at the University of Queensland.