Class I (2003-2004)

3. Carolyn Fanelli

Sponsor Club: United States, District 7710

Carolyn grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She completed her undergraduate degree in Public Policy Studies with a minor in Chinese at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. With the first of two consecutive Hart Fellowships, Carolyn worked in Washington, DC, as an advocate for federal policies and legislation that would meet the needs of refugees and asylum-seekers. The second fellowship brought her to a global education museum in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she developed innovative exhibits and educational programmes aimed at increasing young people's global awareness.

Carolyn then worked in the communications department of a teacher-exchange programme, promoting the many ways in which international teachers broaden students' educational experience.  She believes that education has a profound role to play in the creation of a global culture of peace.  Her career goals are to help integrate peace education into curricula around the world, and to assist post-conflict societies in the reconstruction of their education systems.