3. Pedro Pablo Delgado Hinostroza

Sponsor Club:  Peru, District 4450

Pedro was born stateless until the Peruvian Government granted him nationality on his first birthday. After getting his Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Lima, he took a three and a half years break to travel the world and the seven seas. After being exhausted from flying as a Flight Attendant he decided to go back to politics and studied in the Diplomatic Academy of Peru for two years. After that he joined the Peruvian Diplomatic Service.

He has worked twice in the Cabinet of the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, and he has represented his country as a diplomat in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. After completing his studies at UQ, he plans to change Statecraft's philosophy, by expanding the concept of Foreign Policy, where it won't be any more understood as the defense of the national interest but as the defense of the world's interest. Pedro speaks English, Czech, French and Spanish, and soon will start learning Klingon.