10. Maria Fernanda Salina

Sponsor Club: Argentina, District 4880

As a law graduate from the Universidad Católica Argentina, Fernanda worked for four years as an in-house lawyer coordinating the recovery of the borrowing portfolio of Crédit Agricole Indosuez in Argentina.  During that position she had to deal with one of the most significant crises of her country in the latest times: the financial collapse of the Argentinean system in early 2002. After that experience she decided to apply the negotiation and management skills obtained in that position but at the international level. Hence, she moved to the Netherlands to study a Master of Laws in Public International Law at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Prior to commencing her masters with UQ she worked during 2004, as an Assistant Lecturer in Public International Law at the Faculty of Law and Social Science of Rosario in Argentina. Her language proficiency includes English, Spanish, Italian, elementary Dutch and basic French. Soon after this Seminar, Fernanda is moving to Switzerland to continue her studies at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, at the University of Geneva. She will study a Ph. D. in International Relations with specialization in International Law.  She hopes to continue her work in the field of International Law, international negotiation and capacity building and in doing so to contribute actively in the development of theories and strategies to solve and prevent international conflicts.