Class V (2007-2008)

2. Andrea Fanta

Sponsor Club: Dickson High Noon, District 6760, USA

Host Club: Goodna, District 9630

Andrea is proudly sponsored by the Dickson High Noon Rotary Club in Tennessee, located in the southern United States. During her time in Australia, she has found a Rotary home with her host counselors, Wesley Miles and Gillian Potter, and the Goodna Rotary Club of District 9630. Andrea completed her Applied Field Experience in Lima, Peru, where she worked for the UNESCO Field Office on communications duty and helping rebuild southern Peru’s educational facilities following an August earthquake there. She will return to the United States on graduation to return to public service there. She would like to thank her parents, Ben and Kamla, and the rest of her family for their continued love and support, as well as, her country counselors Barbara and Robin Yule.