Class V (2007-2008)

10. Kristin Post 

Sponsor Club: Chapel Hill, District 7710, USA

Before arriving to the University of Queensland, Kristin lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and completed a Master's Degree in Education that focused on Curriculum and Public Policy. Prior to that, she worked in a global education museum that emphasized cultural understanding through participatory learning. She also travelled around the world for one year, and enjoyed the hospitality of her neighbours in several countries.

Kristin’s experiences as a Rotary Fellow and international studies scholar have been life-changing. Though she did not start the degree with a background in international relations theory or politics, she now has a comprehensive understanding of the field and its practices. Furthermore, she gained experience in fundraising and using the arts (particularly theater) for peacebuilding through her Applied Field Experience in Acre, Israel. She will not forget the lessons she learned on the ground in the midst of one of the most protracted conflicts in the 20th century; and she appreciates learning personally from meeting Israelis and Palestinians while there. She also spent several days in Phuket, Thailand for a conference on Educational Leadership in Globalization, which merged her passion in education with her concerns over the impact of globalization.

Throughout Kristin’s life, she has enjoyed a close relationship with her maternal grandmother, Shirley Kelly. Mrs. Kelly was always proud of her granddaughter, but she was particularly pleased when Kristin received the Rotary World Peace Fellowship to study in Australia. Mrs. Kelly had an independent spirit, an insistence on proper grammar, an appreciation for good writing, and a wide array of interests that have influenced Kristin’s outlook and ambitions in life. Sadly, Mrs. Kelly died in September, while Kristin was studying in Brisbane. Fortunately, Kristin received a great deal of support from her classmates, the Rotary staff, and her host club in Chapel Hill, making it possible for her to fly home and speak at her funeral. Kristin dedicates her entire school experience and this Paul Harris Seminar to her beloved grandmother.

Kristin is deeply grateful for the support she has received on all levels of Rotary. She is inspired and energized to dedicate her life to the transformative community building experiences through education.