Sponsor Club: Rotary Club of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, District 9125 

Host Club: Rotary Club of South Brisbane, Brisbane, AUS, District 9630 

Folashade was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a BA in Communications and Language Arts. 

She has worked with local NGOs focused on women’s and youth development, and trains youth (17-30 years old) on the dangers of violent extremism and radicalization. 

Folashade believes that engaging and exposing youth to peace education, tolerance, respect for human dignity and diversity will reduce radicalization and be a means to an end of the era of recruiting young girls and boys to various armed (terrorist) groups emerging in our society. 

She is currently involved in organizing seminars for high school students on becoming peace ambassadors rather than terrorist representatives. 

She loves to teach and mentor on leadership, girls’ education, and gender equality. Folashade loves to learn about new dimensions and best approaches to minimize conflict and eradicate poverty that result from social exclusion, gender inequality and conflict. 

Folashade believes that to eradicate poverty, the state and people must prioritize education especially for the girls. She loves to travel, write, and engage with humanitarian assistance and community development programs.