Class XXI (2023-2024)

6. Nancy Nguyen

A child to working-class Vietnamese refugees and granddaughter to a prisoner of war, Nancy Nguyen understands the multigenerational impact of war and violence and the strength of institutional change. Nancy has experience working both with impacted communities and key stakeholders in advancing the needs of immigrants and refugees.  She previously conducted emergency aid for Congolese refugees in a Ugandan refugee settlement, administered immigration casework with the International Rescue Committee, investigated refugee resettlement legislation with the United Nations Association, and developed policy proposals to U.S. diplomats.

Nancy also has experience mentoring and advancing the policy priorities of  migrant youth. As a Princeton in Asia Fellow at a private university in Thailand, she lectured and facilitated intercultural exchange between ethnically Thai, Chinese, Burmese, Karen, Shan, African, European, and U.S. American students with ranging socio-economic backgrounds and learning abilities.  Most recently, she served as the Civic Engagement Organizer for a grassroots non-profit advocacy organization, the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans. In that role, she led statew-ide and local policy campaigns related to voting, elections, and language access and relaunched a Youth Congress for refugee youth to build political power.