Class XV (2017-2018)

4. Casey Dilg

Sponsor Club: District 7255

Host Club: Pine Rivers, District 9600

Over the last ten years, Casey has worked in human resources at the United Nations Population Fund, had two children and rebuilt a unique piece of maritime history destroyed by a hurricane.
A native of New York, he grew up on the shores of Long Island, attended a Quaker primary school and earned a BA in English literature from Hobart & William Smith colleges where he met his wife at a comedy improv audition.

Casey stumbled into an operational career in the multilateral sector through keen editorial and drafting skills, a capacity to communicate between disparate professional disciplines and a love for listening to people tell their personal histories.
As a student here in Brisbane, he hopes to broaden his international exposure to the Pacific region while deepening his understanding of how we engineer peace in a conflicted world.

Driven by an interest in the arts, natural history, political life and policy, he does his best to make the world a friendlier, more humane place.

If you want to learn more about him, just buy him a drink and he will not shut up.