Class XVI (2018-2019)

3. Mohamed Sheikh Yussuf

Sponsor Club: 9212

Host Club: the Rotary Club of Wishart

Mohamed is a Volunteer Program Officer with Garissa Mediation Council - a CBO based at the County of Garissa in Kenya. The organization’s work is to foster inter-communal dialogue and cohesion amongst Somali Clans who live in the largely volatile areas that straddle the borders of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The organization exists with a mandate of promoting peace, cohesion and integration among diverse communities living around the international borders and is in pursuant of a mission to promote peace building and sustainable development among the communities they work with so as to achieve peace, justice, dignity and respect for their womenfolk.

Mohamed is passionate about the socio-economic development of this region, which would change the mindset and character of the local population from perpetual conflict and strive to one of peace and development, where conflicts are resolved through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Mohamed is focused on the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation and giving equal opportunities to the girl child.

Mohamed is a trained Occupational Therapist and holds BA (Hons) in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Mt. Kenya University.