Class IV (2006-2007)

6. Ólöf Magnúsdóttir

Sponsor Club: Reykjavík-Miðborg, District 1630, Iceland

Lóa worked for the Icelandic National Committee for UNICEF before her studies at the University of Queensland. Lóa was also a group coordinator for Amnesty International and a special advisor for the World Food Program in Iceland.

For her Applied Field Experience, Lóa worked for UNICEF Pacific in Fiji on strengthening the organisation’s disaster preparedness programmes. For her last semester at UQ, Lóa wrote her master’s thesis on children’s participation in peace building, as her interests lie mainly in children’s rights and the welfare of children in conflict.  Lóa is extremely grateful to Rotary for their support over the last two years, and will work hard to promote Rotary's ambition for peace in the future.