Class XIX (2021-2022)

6. Carlos Moreira-Álvarez

Costa Rica

Carlos G. Moreira-Álvarez was fortunate to be born and raised in Costa Rica, surrounded by tremendous love and protection for the environment and peace. He is proud to be from Latin America, a vast area with lots of cultures and many social and environmental issues to address. 

He focuses his professional career on grassroots organizations, community-based development, youth empowerment, and volunteer management, cross-pollinated by sustainability awareness. 

His area of expertise focuses on education within Central America, but it extends to North and South America as well, working with linking youth from diverse economic and social backgrounds. He studied Humanities and Philosophy and specialized in Applied Ethics, and has also studied Philanthropy and Project Management too.

He is excited about studying peace in a formal setting, and, even though the pandemic has him starting his studies from abroad, he wants to be able to connect with the members of his cohort, with the Rotarians, and with all that the University has to offer.