Class XVII (2019-2020)

5. Peter Lindsay


Peter became a Peace Fellow after 25 years working first as an officer in the United States Air Force and later as an instructional designer, facilitator, and executive in a global leadership development company centered in Denver, Colorado. He has published professionally on leadership and authored a biography about Karak Denyok, a survivor of war in Sudan and founder of an indigenous non-profit, social and humanitarian organization dedicated to serving vulnerable Sudanese women in displaced camps and war-torn zones.

His rational approach to conflict resolution follows a clear-headed statment by renowned mediator, Christopher Moore. Moore said, conflicts may be "avoided, talked out, negotiated, arbitrated, adjudicated, resolved by legislation, by political action, or by violent force." Peter is particularly interested in changing mindsets that may contribute to violent conflict, in conflict prevention, and in preserving the humanity and lives of those who are most vulnerable.