Class XVII (2019-2020)

8. Nico Schneider


Nico is an activist, a trainer and a peace & conflict worker. He earned his first MA in Political Science from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. He is deeply interested in understanding how social power relations are formed, performed and transformed. This interest led him to his former position in Jerusalem, where he collaborated with social & political movements, trade unions and grassroots initiatives for a non-violent resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Before his engagement in the Middle East, he dedicated himself to educational initiatives to combat individual and structural discrimination. In more than 7 years of work in education and conflict resolution, he experienced that the complexity of peace work must be based on more than a good will in order to sustainably change the realities of conflict-affected communities.

He applied for the Rotary Peace Fellowship due to his conviction that professional conflict resolution needs to be supported by a variety of resources and a global network of trained professionals who approach the complexity of conflicts from multiple angles. His goal is to create more synergies between academia and practice.